Ordering the Black/Silver Jordan Vs

Jul 21, 2006
Which legit websites (which also offer the regular retail price) can i order the Black/Silver Vs that can be shipped here in the Philippines? I might be ordering from the internet cause i'm not sure if they'll be released here on Saturday.
I called up Nike Stadium branches and they said that they're not sure whether this colorway would be released..
yeah i think nike stadium will have them within the week.
love is taking the air less travelled.
they released the fire reds there which is a gr here in the us, so i think they'll release the black/silvers there, i'll be asking my relatives again to pick-up a pair for me, its so hard to buy jordans here
"Once you get into the moment, you know you're there. The crowd gets quiet. Things start moving slowly. You start to see the court very well. I saw that moment, and I took advantage of it."

- Michael Jordan, after winning Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals
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