Oreo's albino twin brother ... sooo good

Joined Oct 13, 2001
Originally Posted by Olajuwon Mainitoba

I'd give head for a box (no penny)

Man I can eat a package of these in one sitting. I don't know what makes these normal vanilla sandwich cookies so good but I definitely am in love with them
Joined Apr 29, 2007
Man double stuff golden oreo > _ me and m roomates can't even keep a box of those in my house over 48hrs
Joined Feb 24, 2010
Chocolate Fudge Mint Oreo cookies are good! Reminds me of thin mints but 100 times better. Has anyone tried the cakesters? I'm kinda curious about it.
Joined Jun 5, 2008
Never seen this "Golden Oreo" before. Actually, never knew it even existed. But I'm gonna be on the look-out for them though.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Anyone that got their free coupons, since it says Double Stuff Golden Oreos, were you able to just get regular Golden Oreos or hell even the regular Oreos? I don't like a lot of cream (go head man LOL).
Joined Oct 30, 2009
i rolls w/ the DOUBLE STUF... light skinned oreas...

dont leave ya teeth black... taste nice...

i' love'em...
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