orlando 10s 12/8/2018

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The quality control on these are terrible. One thing that sticks out to me, is the midsole. It looks like it has white speckles on some areas. Not sure if it’s paint chipping out the box or glue stains. I rather get them in person
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You are the best, I couldn’t pass on that price
Seattle here we come!

Know how you feel. Paid $94 with my coupon so there was no way I’m passing that up!

Like dude a few post above said, glad that everyone is eating off these prices!
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I hope they do. But hard to say, the 10 is not a popular for most but at the same time the Seattle color is a dope colorway and they could fly off the shelves.
Seattle’s will fly, Jordan rarely releases that beautiful color known as green
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Ahhhh that’s a bold prediction I think

Every 10 released in recent years has sat

Even the classic shadows
Honestly, I will cop Seattle’s at retail! Only pair of 10s I would gladly pay 190 for.

If they go on sale, I would gladly double even triple. And if I can return my retail pair even better.

Anyways, just arrived from hibbet, such a beautiful shoe.

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