Ouijia Board Stories Vol. Have You Tried Them?

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Yo so I remember that topic a while back that had pages of crazy +$% Ouija board stories. I really don't know what to believe about them. My friends are trying to get one and use it, they think it's just a complete joke and no way it'll work, I'm a little more open minded and skeptical about the whole thing due to how many stores and #*%+ I've heard. And I doubt thousands of people would be making up all of these stories across the web, some have got to be true.

The main reason I believe they could work is because of a story my high school priest told our class sophomore year. I don't remember the details exactly but pretty much him and his friends were chillin in the woods with a Ouija board, and after asking questions and #*%+ some limo pulled up, with no streets or anything, and some dude opened the door and started walking towards them, they put that #*%+ away and ended the session and dude in the limo just left. He swore to God and on the Bible that he was not lying, put his hand on the Bible and everything, told us not to @+*# with em' because they actually can contact spirits.

I reallyyy doubt my priest was lying on the Bible like that, which is why I believe they can work.

Anyway, have any of you tried them out at all? I wanna hear some stories, I remember the last topic was

Cliff notes:
Friends wanna try a Ouija board.
My priest swore on the Bible about his Ouija board story.
Have you tried one?
Share your stories.
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my friend tried it when he was in school and he said its very real i think ill pass on messin with that


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alwas wanted to try this

ive heard a story my cousin told me.....she, her man n her homegirls tried it at her crib n she tells me to this day she hears loud bangs n lights turn off by themselves
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Originally Posted by GotHolesInMySocks

alwas wanted to try this

ive heard a story my cousin told me.....she, her man n her homegirls tried it at her crib n she tells me to this day she hears loud bangs n lights turn off by themselves
I've heard a lot of stuff like that where people have weird *@%@ happen to them for the rest of their lives after using the board.

Makes me not want to try it.
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Try it.

I mean you ask what's the spirit age and it points to a number.

You ask it a yes or no question and it points to either a yes or no.

You ask it's name, and it attempts to spell.

But you gotta do the whole ritual. Candles, incense, low lighting, turn of cell phones, music, etc.

Ask for a sign from the spirit. Like closing/opening doors, turning the lights off, etc.

Be safe!
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I remember we had a pretty indepth thread about this...

If you read that Lesser Key of Solomon, post what happens
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I tried playing about 10 years ago and I will never do it again. To make a long story short the first few times nothing happened. The last time the spirit we contacted was a young boy I knew that passed the previous year. He was really young and the guy I was playing with didn't know him. I asked quite a few personal questions to be sure it was him and all the answers were acurate. I would hear weird noises for a few months afterwards . Needless to say i would never touch one again, ever.
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Originally Posted by Squalie413

arent ouigia boards mass produced in china? and sold in target?
You can make your own ouija board with pen, paper, and a wine glass.
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Heard stories.  They asked if the person or thing was in the room and to prove it to them.  All of a sudden the exercise bike in the room started peddling by itself.  
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