Our very own Hong Kong Sneaker Guide.


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Feb 3, 2002
I hope this post will help my fellow Filipino sneakerheads since I know a lot of you frequent the lovely city of Hong Kong.

I'll keep this short and simple.

I suggest you grab a City Life map to help you in looking for these spots.

For a complete list of stores and other information, click on this link.







Hong Kong






If you ask me, Da Hood and Catalog are two of the best places to go to in Hong Kong for your sneaker needs. Both carry Nike SB and limited releases. Fa Yuen St. in Mong Kok is worth visiting if you've never been there but I find it a waste of time since 95% of the 30+ stores there carry the same stuff.

There are extensive Hong Kong Sneaker Guides but the stores I listed above will hopefully satisty the average sneakerhead.

More stores soon...

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Just 38
Juice. One of the best stores in Hong Kong to shop for you clothing and sneakers.

53 Patterson Street
2/F Suite A
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

www.kookies.net is opened!
My main man Miggidy Mike in the house!

Thanks for that info.

Keep 'em coming!

do the stores above sell shoes for retail or do they charge extra?just curious coz im plan on gong to HK this yr. say how much do they charge for gr dunks?
All the stores I listed above are official retailers and do not charge above retail. Someone here can actually help you out get a good deal at Da Hood.


Screw the resellers along Fa Yuen St. They won't get no exposure here.


air jordan XIV HK$1050... much much cheaper than here... and thats for the white/red version. Carlofromdapi nagpabili... sinabayan ko ng Superstars (3 pairs)... naka 10% off pa ako sa Js... Superstars 20% off.
are the white/red XIVs all over HK? what about the black/maize kobe 1?
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I forgot to mention that OTTFF (check Toronto Sports above) puts random stuff on sale, 30% off, even relatively new kicks, sometimes nice ones too.
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does anyone know if they have the Air zoom Drives around ?, thanks for the post! nice and informative!
aka nkwu

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^ Lids.

There's one along Chatham Road a couple of blocks before you reach Da Hood and another one in LCX by Harbour City.
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any good nike or jordan's released recently in hk or will be released in the next 2-3 weeks?any info would be appreciated.thanks
you can check out nike.com.hk for current and upcoming releases. i saw a pic on what they have now. white,red suede XXI, black/chambray and pacific VII's, white/red,last shots and black caro XIVs

XIV lows are set to drop within the week there.
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No black/maize kobes sa Hong Kong. Just came from there 2 weeks ago. Will go back to Hong Kong on the 7th of April... will post updates here again if may noteworthy
where is the store EXIT located in hk?

anyone know if the mango stabs are dropping in hk?
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