Out of your favorite teams.. What championship would mean the MOST to you?


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Just saw the Mavs win a Championship, Would like to see The Cowboys win another SB, Texas win another NCAA National Championship, and not much of a MLB fan but the Rangers winning a Championship.

Mexico winning the World Cup would mean the most though

FC Barcelona and UNAM winning would also be appreciated

Sonny Corinthos

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Originally Posted by Lightweight Champion

Originally Posted by wildKYcat

SEC championship... football, that is.
Damb, that's how you know your team has sucked for awhile. You got some low standards, breaux.

  You don't have a clue how  hard  it would be for  UK , Vandy , Miss St or Ole Miss to win the SEC
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Knicks or Jets winning it all... I just think it would be epic if the Jets win the Super Bowl at home in 3 years.. of course though, the Knicks winning the Finals would seriously impact the city... just gonna say tie,bc its been just about the same amount of time since each has won.
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Originally Posted by JoeClear

 You don't have a clue how  hard  it would be for  UK , Vandy , Miss St or Ole Miss to win the SEC
True that.  Miss St. should have a good year, but with LSU, Arky & Bama all in the division 

I think New Years and beyond bowl games is a win for those teams..and I don't mean the crap bowls on like 1/8 or something 
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New. York. Knicks.

Head and shoulders my most important team.

St John's winning the NCCA Tourney would prob be a close 2nd since I've seen the Yankees & Giants win a title.
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#6 for my Cowboys, a chip for my Bulls, and a national title for my Pittsburgh Panthers in bball. Get to the tourney and let the refs and chokin consume us
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It would be nice to see the Rockets win an NBA championship in this era. I mean, weve played great against some of the top
teams, evening beating them with no single true star on the team. It would be cool to see them win a championship with
just the hardworking true team players we have. It would be obvious to say the Texans in the Super Bowl, but I'll just
take a successful playoff run from them this year. I'm still pretty salty about the Seahawks losing Super Bowl XL, but that's
for another day.
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Right now it would have to be the Astros. I've seen them on the cusp of a title only for them to be in the dumps they're in now which it looks like they will be for a long time. So the journey back up to the top will be that much sweeter.
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Probably the Wizards because of my love for basketball.

But if any of my hometown teams won a championship: ********, Wizards, Orioles, UMD football/basketball, and to a lesser extent - the Nationals, I'd be absolutely beside myself. We're not exactly the City of Champions.
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Dodgers for the World Series.

As much as I want to see the Lakers at the top again and Kobe getting the 6th... I'd get more joy seeing the Blue Crew hoist up the trophy.
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My team for life the San Antonio SPURS have bless me with 4 of the greatest days of my youth...hope to add more to that.

a cowboys superbowl would be dope!

and also a ny jets one.
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HAM CITY wrote:[hr][/hr]Oakland Raiders Cleveland Browns winning the Superbowl > *
I genuinely believe Cleveland Browns' diehards would appreciate a title more than any other group of sports fans.
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As much as I love the Magic, I think a ******** Super Bowl win would mean the most for me because of how much it would mean to my dad. It would be the first time the Skins won a championship that I can remember (I was 4 in '92). Plus, I live in Maryland.
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Tennessee Vols winning the BCS National Championship

My life would end that night...because of alcohol poisoning
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I only have two teams and they are in my sig. We are looking really good this year so.... yeah..............
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