Outraged mom says kindergarteners sexually assaulted her son in school bathroom:

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[h1]Outraged mom says kindergarteners sexually assaulted her son in school bathroom: lawsuit[/h1]
BY Ben Chapman

Friday, September 30th 2011, 4:00 AM

A Queens mom who says her now 6-year-son was sexually attacked inside his school is suing the city for $10 million - and she says the assailants were all kindergartners.

Yenny Valero, 31, of Astoria, says that her son was attacked in a bathroom in Public School 112 before the end of the school year last June. He was 5 at the time.

Four fellow kindergartner boys held the victim down, removed his pants and violated the boy with at least one finger into his +%*%, according to Valero.

"My son still can't sleep and he is very anxious, even though he is going to therapy," said Valero, who had the boy transferred after the incident.

The boy suffered permanent physical and psychological injuries from the attack, according to Valero's suit.

Police were called in to investigate the incident after it occurred, but detectives dropped the case because of the young age of the children involved.

School officials also investigated the incident, but they were unable to prove that the attack occurred.

Valero's lawyer Julio Portilla insists that the shocking attack happened, even though authorities were unable to substantiate the boy's claims.

"The school failed in its duty and now they are trying to sweep it under the rug," said Portilla, who filed legal papers in Queens Supreme Court over the summer.

Connie Pankratz, spokeswoman for the city's corporation counsel, declined comment.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local...eners_assaulted_her_son_in.html#ixzz1ZVSMh8cR

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If it's true I feel really sorry for her son. If she is trying to get justice for her son I understand but if he has to go back to school with these boys that could be awkward.
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After reading I imagined him being attacked by... 

Spoiler [+]

Hope they get justice though.


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Wait, so she wants 10 Million Dollars?! 
Broad's as dumb as they come... 
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uh yea, there is no way the school is gonna pay her anything. they have immunity so long as it wasn't an agent of the school or school board involved.


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Originally Posted by HiDefinition

After reading I imagined him being attacked by... 

Spoiler [+]

Hope they get justice though.
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I'll take a finger in the butt for 10 mil

When she heard the story her eyes turned into cartoon dollar signs

Seriously though, that's an indication that one of the other little boys was being assaulted himself. They should definitely investigate further.
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Originally Posted by Space DooDoo Pistols


and 10 mil for a finger in the anoos? call it a prostate exam and we're good.

no way she gets a dime from the school though
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Why she suing the school for money though?  Are they supposed to provide an anti-sodomy bathroom monitor?  No one expects boys to finger gangbang another boy.  It said the kids are too young to be punished, so she should sue the parents and take their money.
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