May 23, 2006
Does anyone know where i can buy a fresh box of Oysters in San Francisco or anywhere else in the Bay???????? I live in San Jose and we dont have places that sell Oysters and i dont want to go to Mi Pueblo and buy theyre little *** Oysters........
Isn't there like a Ranch 99 in that area. I know they sell some oysters, but I am not even sure on the price. Last time I had some, my uncle bought them at the Ranch 99 in my area and the price wasn't too bad....if I can remember correctly.....
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If you want the freshest then Hog Island is the best choice, but you can always go to almost any asian market and buy a box or sack of 60 for an average price of $30. I know San Jose alone has at least a dozen spots that sell oysters.
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dont know if they sell it by the box but Fish Market got it. they got 2-3 locations in the south bay.
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if ur ever in san jo....stop by A& A Perucho off Flickinger and Hostetter!!! place is off the chain!! shouts to my Ilocano peeps out there!!
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off capital expressway near eastridge mall. theres an oriental store... damn...i forgot the store name and the cross street.
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