P-Rod 2 Sizing?

Sep 27, 2004
How does the P-Rod 2 compare in size and bulkiness to Dunk SBs or the P-Rod 1? I had the P-Rod 1 and it was so bulky, like a kiddy skate shoe. Mad comfy though. Thanks.
I've never had P-Rod 1s but for me P-Rod 2s are true to size
P-Rod 2s are a like a true skate shoe, they're thick like most skate shoes especially around the ankle area
dope shoe though
they are not true to size. go a half size up if possible.
i wear a 9.5 in dunk sbs. and i have to go 10 on these. the toebox is narrower and a bit short.
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half size up.
for me a 10.5 dunk and prod 1 is perfect, an 11 prod 2 is perfect.
for my first pair of prod 2's i got a 10.5 and had to take the insole out until i broke them in.

I'd recommend getting half a size bigger. The tongue makes it a little tight when you get your regular foot size.
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