P-Rod II Black Cement in the Bay?

There's already apost about it below but here's the general scoop:

- Release date should be this week.
- These are GR so EVERY store with a SB account should have. It should not be a problem to find these, unless you buy them a couple of days after.
- Some places are selling them online right now (easternboarder.com, ccs.com)
- Prices vary from store but they should not be over a $100 or it's pretty much a rip off.
- P-Rod 2's are the best SB skate shoe (or general shoe) out so don't only buy this cause this has cement on it, buy the other colors as well.
- I already have 3 pairs on lock and I am just here to help others get their pair.

Good luck!
- Fong$tarr

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^^^ well said. some stores already got theirs and are selling them. Mainland may charge rip off price..
I wonder how much HUF/510 gonna charge cause I got mine out the door below $100 today.
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i checked on mainland last week and they wont be carrying them. theyre actually clearing out their nike SB inventory from what i was told. from what i noticed they overcharge there so no big deal.
^May be the reason why they're "clearing out."

Wtup Nino.
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^ Both sold out, well only tiny and huge sizes left @ stussy
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