Packers new alternates...YIKES!

Joined Oct 13, 2000
I feel like GB should never have alternate uniforms, their current ones are classics. Few teams have such old school, classic looks but GB is one of them.
Joined Oct 13, 2000
I actually don't hate the jerseys, overall I like the color and old school feel, but just not to replace GB though. But I don't hate them
Joined Oct 24, 2000
they coulda just as easily done a majority yellow w/ green stitching. woulda been nice.
Joined Mar 11, 2002
Apparently this is what they wore in 1929...the year of their 1st championship.  The helmets are brown to replicate the brown leather "helmets" they wore at the time.  I think these are even worse than the Broncos throwbacks.  At least they will only be wearing then once next season.
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