Pacquiao KOs Solis in 8th round-SINO DAPAT ANG SUSUNOD?

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congrats MANNY PACQUIAO for knocking out SOLIS sa 8th round!proud na naman ang buong pilipinas sa iyo,especially ang buong CEBU CITY :smile:
adopted son yan c manny ng CEBU CITY kasi adopted son din ng lahat ng administration city mayors hehehehe

gusto ko mapanood na next kalaban ni manny.....
* Juan Manuel Marquez
* Marco Antonio Barrera
* Mike Tyson :smile: baka ito,mas malaking chance na manalo kay manny kung di lang cya mangangagat

MORE POWER TO YOU, MANNY! - from your bisaya fans
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Hey to all that watched the fight does anyone know what the title of the song playing for Pacquiao was?
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Scorecard: PacMan chomps sore-loser Solised a little slowly against his Mexican opponent. Solis buzzed Pacquiao in the sixth round and also opened a cut on his left eyelid on an accidental head butt. It seemed to wake Pacquiao up. From then on, he turned up the heat until knocking down Solis -- the brother of junior flyweight titlist Ulises Solis -- twice in the eighth round. Although Solis made it to his feet (barely) after the first knockdown, he was still wobbly and Pacquiao attacked him immediately, knocking him down for the count a few seconds later. In his postfight comments, Solis had the audacity to say, "With respect to Manny Pacquiao, my wife hits harder." Somehow we doubt that, but if it's true, there has to be a promoter out there willing to sign her.

Pacquiao's victory came despite a storm of outside-the-ring distractions. He is running for a congressional seat in the Philippines, where he is a national hero. He is also at the center of a brutal legal battle between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions over his promotional contract, although he has professed an allegiance to Top Rank, which put on Saturday night's card. He also prepared for the fight without trainer Freddie Roach, who left him to train Oscar De La Hoya. Justin Fortune, Roach's assistant, handled the training camp, but Roach did come in to work the corner for the fight. For Pacquiao, however, distractions are nothing new and they typically do not make a difference once the bell rings.

With Solis dispatched, Pacquiao could fight later in the year in Macau, China, where promoter Bob Arum originally hoped to stage this fight. Hopefully, there can be peace between Top Rank and Golden Boy and they can get together to make a rematch between Pacquiao and division champion Juan Manuel Marquez. Their first bout in 2004, which ended in a draw, was a sensational brawl. We need to see it again.
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I want to see the wife of Jorge Solis versus Manny next!


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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