Pacquiao x Nike !?

Feb 28, 2006
Hello to all..

Did Pacquiao have a deal with Nike? I NDC awhile back and they had a few Tees with something related to his name/likeness/saying. I heard that he also didn't want to do a commercial with Kobe.

Anyway, if there is a connection, I need a few Tees, nike or non nike related to go with my AF1s. :tongue:

Looking for: 8-8.5 De La Lows , 8.5-9 PL/non Purple Avengers & 8-8.5 Jordan XVI

nba playoffs. win or go home. where legends are born.
have you seen the latest advertisment on TV? Manny is the first choice there as a boxer, unfortunately he is busy practicing for morales fight before. its not true that he doesnt want to do a commercial with KOBE. in fact Manny idolized him as Baketball player!!! and he wants to meet KOBE in person! (like everybody wants to) lol : )
^ It's a shame that he didn't get to participate in that commercial... but I admire his discipline in choosing not to participate.
i still need to get me that pacquiao, nike dri-fit tee =(
Unkle Dunk Hi SB, sz 9 .. DMP VI, sz 9.5 .. Wht/Red XIV, sz 9.5 .. Blk/Red XIV, sz 9.5 .. Quickstrike XX, sz 10 .. Blk/Gold dub-zero, sz 9.5 .. White/Red-Blk XX1, sz 9 .. "Family" Team Edition SB, sz 9.5 .. Blk/Baroque-Brown Blazer SB, sz 9.5 (All Shoes completely DEADSTOCK) .. NO Paypal, Money Orders ONLY

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how much are you selling the shirts? is it the white one? the one that sold before the morales-pacman 3 fight?
Anyone have any more pics of some Pacquiao shirts that are over there? My uncle's heading over in a week and I was gonna ask him to pick me up some.
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