Pandemic 2 | Wipe-out the entire human race

Joined Oct 8, 2008
You are one of virus/parasite/bacteria trying to kill all of the inhabitants of Earth, you win the game when you achieve this.
The humans try to fight you off by closing airports and boat docks so there is no way for you to reach their country.

Pandemic 2 is one of the best games of all time! Its your job to infect everyone in the world with your disease. Your virus starts out in one country and you have to spread it around to other countries, but these countries will shut down their borders if they start seeing a virus developing in another country. So they will close their airports and or boat harbors, there by disallowing you to spread your disease to their country. That means game over for you! There are things you can do such as mutate your disease to allow it to become airborn or make it able to live in water, but somehow this does not let your disease cross oceans to reach island countries that shut off their borders after the first sign of coughing in another country, but its whatever really! That's what makes this game hard, its like your a ninja, a ninja disease trying to sneak into countries and kill everyone at once.

Hints: Keep your s__ non visible & get something that will transmit it fast, then do some resistance, then once it gets to every country start picking symptoms (be smart with it, I usually do fever/vomiting, but experiment). You don't have to necesarily follow these hints but if you want to beat that s__ it's recommended. Oh yeah, Madagascar is a b to infect!


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