Park and Recs vs. Community Vol: Better show

Better show

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Joined Jan 16, 2016
Unpopular opinion: Friends isn’t funny.

that 70s show > friends
friends, like most sitcoms, had a strong first 2 or 3 seasons. legit funny life observations.

then they ran dry of ideas. everyone except Monica and Chandler slightly is turned into a charicture. Joey was the goofball to start the show and pheobe the ecentiric one. but they just turned them into clowns along with Ross and Rachel.
Joined Jan 16, 2016
Workaholics and review should be in the convo also. Brilliant shows easy watches
ive tried to get into workaholics a couple of times now and it's just not holding my attention.

last show that had that problem was new girl...

I do want to check out Southside though.
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Community because the cast is superior. Aubrey Plaza is probably only good enough for a recurring guest role on Community. Also the show is more relatable because it takes place in a community college and the students have diverse backgrounds. I've never watched Parks & Rec mainly because of the show's title. I don't give a **** about Parks & Recreation departments IRL. **** I wanna see a show about that for.

i didnt think i would care about something called "parks and recreations" but it was on netflix and i watched the whole series. It's basically the cousin of The Office

i've only seen a couple episodes here and there of community.
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I watched the first two seasons of Community and stopped. While I can appreciate the creativity of the writing, it just wasn't funny to me.

Parks and Recs is a great show, but like people have mentioned in here, it gets stale by the end.

If you want a funny show to watch and have HBO, I would recommend Silicon Valley or Veep.
Recently ran through Veep in a couple of weeks.

****ing hilarious. Some of the roasts on that show had me in legit tears. Then towards the end Richard Splett became my MVP outta nowhere.

big j 33

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New Girl is really good outside of Jess for the most part. When they start to make her less of the star and more of a regular character and less of the star. The rest of the cast was great and when they weren't so heavily focusing on relationships, it was a great hang out show. A notch below the others listed for sure though.
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Parks & Rec, Community, Happy Endings, New Girl, Party Down, and The Office are all :pimp:
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