partying in tokyo suggestions?

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Yo going to be in tokyo with a friend in november... i know theres a sufu guide. But does anyone know the GOOD party spots in tokyo area? trying to have a good party experience.
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Personally I have no clue but I saw some Japanese dance-hall videos in NT a while back and they looked like some pretty crazy spots...however they were nothing like some "other" dance hall videos I've seen on here. The phrase "muuuuuuuuurder him!" should ring a bell to some.

I want to visit Tokyo one day, but I need to get on it as I'd like to while I'm still relatively young.

Have fun and take pics for NT.
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hit up Roppongi its got plenty of clubs and bars that are nice, play good music, and you'll have no trouble meeting fine girls (mostly foreigners actually)..In particular i'd check out feria (nothing but eastern european

models in the VIP section
)...Roppongi is going to be your best location for partying for sure - i like heartland at roppongi hills, new lex, midas, muse...theres a lot...

Then theres Shibuya..plenty of bars and clubs worth seeing but id definitely swing by Womb - place is dope, and usually hosts some ill DJs

if your willing to venture a bit for a good time i would definitely suggest checking out this club in Shin-Kiba (still in tokyo) called AgeHa, on a good night this place is absolutely bananas!

i lived in tokyo for 6+ years and still go back to visit friends and family, let me know if you have any question i'd be down to help out - tokyo is hands down one of my favorite places to party, eat, and

cop gear..also when in Roppongi or Shibuya try not to limit yourself to just one club or bar roam a bit cause there are plenty of dope places that you wont hear about 
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ton ton- yeah i was reading about roppongi. Ill def hit that up. Gonna be an adventure as i dont know anyone that lives out there.. ill definite pm you. Whats the best louge/club for hip hop rnb in roppongi. and let me know which day ageha pops... was reading a little on that as well sounds like a good experience to me...  
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