PC: Air Jordan Retro 4 Military Blue

Joined May 9, 2008
Hey, whats up NT, I need your help. I came across these and need a quick PC. They are 'used'. sz9.
quality sucked on these but they are still nice to own and i am looking for a second pair. 

how much should i pay?

Joined Jan 17, 2006
$60 for sure.

i can't really tell how "used" they are from the picture, but i say they're worth around retail for a DS pair. So $60-$80 for a NDS-VNDS pair seems fair enough.

nice colorway, too bad quality came out so sh!tty haha
Joined May 9, 2008
^ agreed.

well, im trying to contact the seller but he hasnt replied.

he sent me more pictures; the only place where wear is apparent is on the toe; it has creases. no yellowing, he probably wore em once.

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