Penny Foams In South Florida??

Apr 2, 2006
I know there are a few coming out later this year and i want to know where i can get them on the release date for retail price?
He is probably talking about the black/cactus and the all black ones. Retail is $200 and I'm not sure on the exact release dates, sometime in August. The penny foams were a quickstrike and didn't have exact release dates, it may be the same for these.
Hit me up if you need foams!
yea it was a quick strike and im in Jacksonville, Florida and they never came here well not at the main spots.
QS's tend to fly pretty quick here in Miami. From my knowledge Shoe Gallery is the only place that get these shoes. usually for retail. so far they've had the QS penny's and the all black penny foams. i'm very sure they will get the cactus and the red foams.

good luck
I wear my jays, just like i've weared my ex g/f's :smile: (Don't tell me you aren't gonna put on the J's here and there now ) :smile:
i need me some store in Tampa sells em :smh:
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