people really eat ALLIGATOR like this?(YOU KNOW I BRING PICS)

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you have to be a gangster to have killed that it prob tastes so good, like jamaican Jerk Lion which is also
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Alligator in hot pot

They were chopping them live inside the restaurant though.
(this was in china)
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Originally Posted by NomadicSole21

Where da southern NT'ers at?  I hear it really does taste like chicken.
Yeah everyone out here says it tastes like chicken.(South FL) idk tho.
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I've had fried alligator a few times at Restaurants. It really does taste like chicken breast. Obviously, the gators have their scales removed before they fry them so the pics you posted are really OD.
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I've had a gator sausage. It just tastes like gator. There's no other comparasion IMO
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