Philadelphia Sneaker Guide

Deals at city blue??? Maybe if you're stoned you'll think its a deal.
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Yeah you can get deals at city blue but you gotta ask them they don't always just give them to you. U can go on Germantown or Erie ave, 52nd, almost all the duckie spots in Philly its too many to name.
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if you drop by South Street, make sure to visit Samsun (the one across from City Blue)..

also, eat at Jim's Steaks :D

kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks kicks
All of the real down low spots in Philly have been raped. No real finds to be had. The best spot currently is Ubiq, where Shenk Bros. used to be in the lower level of the Gallery.
^ I agree with Rev
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Anyone have any updates on Ubiq, like what they're holding right now? (dunk-wise)
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*Bleep* it, Bucket by Osh Kosh B'Gosh - Cam'ron
-navy/yellow (biggest size 10.5)
-white/carolina patent

Eh, I just drew a blank, they had about 5 more colorways. I'm heading there today or tomorrow so I'll update then.

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Kensington underneath the L.... has some decent stuff still in the shrink wrap. Old Flights and Sky forces. Some Etonic Trans AM Trainers. There is also a little spot on like 25th and Girard. A whole wall of New Balances is crazy colors. Another decent spot is Lehigh b/n 24th and 25th. Also right off of Cheltenham Ave. and Ogontz Ave. this place called philly footlocker...The sign has and old pair of Air Maxes as the storefront.... But I agree that UBIQ right now takes the cake.
Ubiq is overrated, all they really have that no one else is dunks, and stuff in glass cases u cant even buy. Besides places downtown you should try chelten ave.
i agree with eleven.
jim's steaks is the best steak youll get in philly.
pats is a distant 2nd.

wiz, with, and mushrooms
in the sneaker game, hindsight is 20/20 and we're all millionaires.
thanks for your continued support of niketalk.
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Chelten was hot in 1991. It doesn't have jack anymore.

And Pat's kills Jim's. Jim's is a tourist trap. But I guess Pat's vs. Jim's (vs. Geno's) is an age old debate.
Jim's is whack. $7 for a steak and it doesn't even fill you up. Steve's the Prince of Steaks in the Northeast takes the cake.

I got you when you come Rev...You will be impressed.

Back to Sneakers now???
what's all this talk about Jim's and Pat's.What about Geno's.I can't stand that yellow light from Pat's Steaks.Anywayz, that shoe store in the Italian Market has some old hot stuff in there.
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chelten ave dont have asmuch as it used to but they have some old stuff. My Friend just picked up a pair a pair of zoom flight 96's in black w/ the blue sole. Pats handsdown.
where is this so called "philly footlocker"?....i live rite off cheltenham and washington.....but im not quite sure where this store is located because im not familiar w/the phila. area---thanks!
Philly Footlocker is at like the top of Ogontz ave. Its ike right before you get to Cheltenham Mall if you were going up Ogontz. It should be in the phonebook.
Screw the whole "Best Cheesesteak" debate. They barely give you any meat.

I can cook one up on my own hibachi in the Vet parking lot and make it better than any of the stooges that work at those famous places. I'd rather have my hands on my food than somebody else's hands on my food.

If you really must know, go to Abner's by UPenn. Whenever UPenn men's bball scores 100+ points in a game, you get a free steak with a ticket stub. It's only happened like twice in the last 3-4 years that I can remember.

UBIQ: (sigh)

One of the squids at UBIQ tried to call me out like I was wearing a pair of fake AJ9 lows. Sorry, but no.

Oh yeah, they have some real deals there too. (sike)$140 footaction dunks. I guess they have to rape customers to make up for the ridiculously-high rent at the Gallery mall.

Ask them about the shoes in the display case. (sb dunks, some aj retro's). they're not for sale, just to make it look like they are.


Why don't you add some knowledge to the post?
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all the worthwhile spots were already mentioned.

the japanese buyers swarmed on the city like locusts in the mid 1990's and cleaned out all the good vintage stock. there's really nothing left at all. (ever wonder why you can still find original kid's aj7's?)

O yea, the sneaker store at broad and olney has a bunch of old nikes and jordans in infant and kid sizes in case anyone cares. JJ reminded me. There is another store on 13th street between market and chestnut that has some old sneakers but their mostly kid sizes too. I was gonna get the Diamond Turf 2 from there but all they had was a 7.5 so I was out of luck.
Joe is from South Jersey. He don't know steaks. Abners is good though.

You're talking game, Joe. I expect you to break out the hibachi at the next summit.

And he's right. Philly got raped by Japan (and Germany, actually), so there isn't much left.

But I disagree about Ubiq. Yes, it's pricey, and yes, you can find a lot of that stuff at Footaction. However, there are no Footactions in Center City. Also, a lot of those dunks are hard to find now. Personally, I'm not going to pay $140, because I already have them, but if you want a store that has some stuff that the normal spots don't have, Ubiq is the only spot in Philly.
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