Philippine made sneakers

Jul 14, 2006
When I was a kid back in PI my mom would buy me leather kicks for school and I believe it was made in Marikina. Question is... does Marikina or any other PI region make sneakers too??
if it comes to leather shoes,tsinelas and bags..there is a place in liliw laguna...

i have a question too!dito ba gawa yun accel?
There's no such thing as Philippine made sneakers....

I have heard of Philippine made rubber shoes though :tongue:
Is ACCEL a Phillipine made ?

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Is ACCEL a Phillipine made ?

It's a Filipino brand... but their sneakers or ("rubber shoes" :tongue:
) are made in China.

Vans kicks that are sold here are made in the Philippines....
^ about that... i love the vans slip ons.. but we hardly got any here! somebody bring em in!
i saw LOTs of hot vans samples for holiday 2007 when the rep came by DQM this summer.. one that kinda looked like the UNDFTD dunks.. sayang lang nga, they were all size 9.. otherwise.. :evil:

maybe we could work something out if you have specific requests, ntyce - uuwi ang kapatid ko sa pasko..
that serious?​
my vans slip-ons are made in the philippines. I was surprised and the first thing that came to my mind was
i think kaypee and grosby were philippine made, i may be wrong though.
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how about my mighty kids???? are they imported too?

and yeah they still fit me....
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I remember back in grade school they made us wear OTTO shoes for Phys Ed and during intramurals...
my vans slip-ons are made in the philippines. I was surprised and the first thing that came to my mind was marikina..

I think its made in Bataan... Right CJ?

i think kaypee and grosby were philippine made

Kaypee Futura's and Grosby Black Superman's deserve a retro! :D
If you guys are into vans...I got something big'll see whats up my sleeve for next year...
yo carlo! where do you get your vans? hook me up!

I bought a pair of leather slip-ons when I visited the Cabazon outlet... But the rest of em are all hook-ups from Mr. 8 - 8. :smokin

yo swooshin3s, u atenean? i remember those OTTO days in grade school too!

He is... And he used to play for the juniors team. :wink:
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