philippines questions.

Dec 27, 2006
okay so i'm gonna go in july, so do jordans stick around or just sell out like in california? are they overpriced or around the same. i'm gonna be there for awhile and i won't be able to go online. so which nike park/stadiums get the most stock near the quezon city area? thanks.
Jordans here hit outlets or get marked down after a few months after releases here get sold out easily..

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dont be fooled when you hear the words "discount" or "marked down" being used in the same sentence as jays.jordans here are overpriced to begin with,$150 on most retros,so when they finally "hit the outlets",your still basically paying the retail equivalent in the states.
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the fort?
what is it?
like an area or what. isn't that where house of jaipur is? don't tell my mother aha.
so how much in pesos is a regular jordan retro price is it really 7500 pesos or around there. iare there places a little bit less yet authentic, no greenhills or 167 or divisoria. or just the nike parks are the places to go.
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