Philly Heads, Optimus Trainer III??? What stores 4wrestling?

May 17, 2007
Its official that it is releasing on NOV 3rd. Anybody around the area got any word on what store or have anyone grabbed em yet?

I need these, any help would be appreciated fellas.
TEAM Quette
It is my time
thx man^^

Anywhere else>? Anybody gonna swing by there tommorow?
TEAM Quette
It is my time
i heard wthn sold out first day and were the only spot charging retail for em greedy cats from sneaker villa and ubiq gallery wanted 140 thats 20 over retail, im just mad i couldnt get a pair...
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i was in wthn last saturday and the trainers were gone.

packer shoes has them, hideous. not sure if they ship but it's worth a call.

4wrestling .... you're the man now huh, still working at 510 walnut?

i miss el fuego, especially now with the uefa cup games going on.
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