Philly NTers...I'm looking for a summer sublet

Apr 4, 2003
I was hired this week as an intern in Philadelphia. I am a masters student at the University of Kentucky so as you can imagine I don't have a spot in Philly just yet. I'm making this post to see if anyone has a spot for rent or some room to spare that I could pay for this summer. Any college students looking for a subletter (if that's a word) hit me up! This job would really set me up I think for my future plans so I don't want to be thrown off by not having a place to stay. Anyway, thanks for looking, hopefully you can help.
When I moved to Philly, I found my place by looking on Craigslist. I found 6 different places to check out within a few days, and was able to find a place to move into within 2 weeks.

Good luck once you get here.
Everyone Has A Price​
I wis you would have made this post earlier. Two of my roomates are graduating next month, and they found some random people to move in. I havent even met em. Kinda pissed about it.

Anyway, i figured I would post this if you wanted to try it. Its the classifieds from my school paper from everyone looking for a sublet. You might be able to find something. - Jaybone2315Drexel University Class of '08.Jordan V Laser size 9.5 DS for sale. $240 shipped.Jordan XIII Black/Red retro Size 9.5 DS for sale. $210 Shipped.​
Thanks for the replies guys...I know I'm super late, just moved back home (Va. Beach) from school before this job starts. Anyway, in reference to the question above...I know nothing about Philly really so I'm open to anything, even south Jersey or even DE. Just needs to be reasonably priced and not crawling with roaches.

Thanks JayBone, I'm gonna try that link. Consider this a bump I guess.
Anyone know a decent place in philadelphia proper (i.e. the actual city) to live? me and my fiance will be there this summer for her summer associates, we willhave a newborn child. safety is an obvious concern, but i currently live in DC in gentrified areas with a not-so-low-crime rate. We are looking to spendsomewhere around 1500 per month, with some wiggle room depending on the location. Dates would be from June 1-Aug 10 (not sure on end date, around tht timeframe). Any help would be greatly appreciated
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