Phone Rings (my invention)---Submitted on, Needs 200 votes!

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************Update **************
Thanks to a suggestion from another NTer, I submitted my product on (it's like kickstarter, but for inventions only).

I now need 200 or more votes in order for my product to be reviewed by the panel of judges in NY!
After reviewing the rules, I see that you must be a registered member of Quirky to vote. Signing up is pretty basic (name, email) so If you feel like creating an account to vote, I would appreciate it.

Vote Here

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*****original post *******
Back in December I introduced my product to NT (I decided not to bump the thread b/c it's cluttered with pages of banter and unrelated gifs/pics/and motion pictures)

I finally made a video to promote it.
Insta-rep to whoever embeds.

NT exclusive vid:

Regular vid:

Pics from the first go round
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It was definitely an interesting venture and much thanks to those who supported.
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:lol: that was done strictly for comedic value, plus the black and red foams was a subtle shoutout to my NT fam. I'm going to shoot another one with the proper video orientation...
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Props on inventing your own product. Innovation is one of the best ways to attain true wealth.
You did what every inventor throughout the ages has done. Identified a widespread problem and came up with a solution.
I hope your product does well.

But here's a little advice. When promoting your product, ALWAYS use a sexy woman. Sex sells(your product)
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The foambs and bball shorts had me dying.

Still pretty cool you made your own product.


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I badly want to clown you for saying "Phone Rings are fun", but I respect your tenacity.


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A full 3pc suit with one basketball shorts & shoes! :lol:

Anyhow not a bad idea. Affordable and helpful. I'd use it
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I just shot another one in the proper format.
@jaysrcrack a double reinforced layer of 3m double-sided tape. After I experienced issues with the firat batch, I tweeked it to make it stronger.
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I badly want to clown you for saying "Phone Rings are fun", but I respect your tenacity.
Maybe not to an adult, but kids love to fling their phone around like a tambourine while showing their friends their new device. I feel that kids would like it more anyway.
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