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Looking to get a photoshop software, but damn how are they above $500? Any places that sell it cheaper or any Ps alternatives that are pretty much the same thing?

Would also like to hear of some tips or features that I might not be exposed to in a general tutorial of the software?

I used the program in 2010/11 but I want to tap into that again.

Thanks for the help :pimp:
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If you dont want to pay for it i suggest learning how to use GIMP
GIMP's pretty cool. I needed to do a few things for my office so I used that. It felt unseemly to illegally download a PS and use it for a work project.
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Not opposed to paying for a software at all, but what's GIMP + what does are the things it lacks in comparison to Ps?
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Cause they can. It's the industry standard. No other program comes close IMO.

If you want sticker shock look at CAD programs.
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Creative Cloud is like 20/month with a student discount. Just say you're enrolled at your local state college and stay up on your payments.
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The best way to learn is to dive in.

Back in the day if I wanted to edit a pic, I would go to and look up the result I was trying to achieve.

The site seems a lot different than what I remember but there are thousands of step by step tutorials. Using them often gets you familiar with the tools and eventually you memorize the different options and steps eventually allowing you to do your own thing.
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