Piano Players, I Need Ya'llz Help

Joined Feb 7, 2004
Hello NT,
I'm looking for some piano related help (duh). I need to know how to figure out what chords to play on my left hand if I have a melody (this makes sense, right?). To further clarify, in most church hymn books, they only show you the notes for the right hand, how do I know what to do with my left?
I never continued my studies far enough to learn the theory behind this =(. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Joined Feb 27, 2005
Well, you could build a simple chord by using that right hand note as the root of your left-hand chord. Not sure how that would sound, though.
Joined Dec 7, 2002
In the simple form if your in the scale of a minor (all white keys) and in your right hand you play the melody a b b c, then in your left hand since you ended on c in your right you can have your left hand make a c major chord (c-e-g) or any chord in the scale of a minor that contains c, since the last melody note played was c

now that's all beginner but as you develop you can find other intricate chords to use
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