Pic and Sketch of Nike VC SHOX 2 - 05/06/02

Dec 5, 2000
here they are as promised!!!!! (even though they are one day late :smile: these are wear test samples, i dont wear test though. they were given to me. the tag says wear test samples: M16. which means mes size 16. They also say Season: H02. which means Holiday season for 2002. Please enjoy these pictures: if someone could post them that would be great. thanks


Here's the pic' provided to us by Ekin702 and the sketch until I can get the other pictures:


pake13 provided the sketch and the link:

these were given to me by nike, im not a wear tester, but these are the wear test samples, so i wont lose my job hehe.

they are creased because i let my brothers teammate wear them.

the shox are very soft to the touch

the material isnt foamposite, its a very lightweight material, somewhat of the hyperflights, with reinforced cushioning.

They shoe is acually very lightweight concidering all of the shox on the shoe
my brother and his teamate both said that they were the most compfortable and responsive shoe that he has worn. my brother likes them best out of all the shox, both in compfort and the response of the shox. (he has 1 of every type including running). he said that its the first of the shox basketball shoes where he could acually feel the shox working.

another note is that these are the final wear test sample of the product
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