pic reguest if available grosby billy ray bates

Joined Jan 29, 2003
i kept searching all over the web i remember these shoes when i was in 6th grade in the phillipines
pls help me filipino niketalkers :D
Joined Nov 19, 2003
know what, i've been searching every auction sites there is for years just to find a pair...
to NO avail...

i remember having the yellow joints back in da day...
wish i had kept one DS...

also had those Kaypee shoes too...Alvin P & Bobby Parks and them used to ball in those too...

Joined Jan 29, 2003
yup those shoes were the bomb back in the day
my mom cant afford to buy me jordans cause there like 2000 pesos and the grosby shoes was 650 pesos
Joined Oct 19, 2006
Alvin P. and Bobby Parks wore Kaypee Futura same shoes with the Milo Best Players...It has the same quality with the signature shoes of Robert Jaworski but mine i got the cheapest edtion of Big J with synthetic upper.....
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