Pickin up surfin! Vol. I got questions

Joined Feb 7, 2009
idk how many of you guys surf but id figure id give this a try. i want to start surfing and wanna buy a beginner/intermediate board and a all around wet suit  but dont know anything about surfing. Is surfing easy to pick up for people who skate, snowboard, etc. for those that do know about this drop knowledge on me please!
Joined Nov 23, 2004
ive been surfin for about 4 years now and it is one of the toughest sports to learn, just dont give up. do urself a favor and buy a foam board from costco, its the best beginners board and its hella cheap. get out there, enjoy the sun, and just have fun. oh and dont get in anybody's way.
Joined Dec 17, 2007
I went surfing for the first time last summer and I really enjoyed it. Bring PLENTY of sunscreen and drinking water. Contrary to popular belief it is extremely taxing on the body (As an athlete I burned out fairly quickly). Seasoned surfers get callouses on their chest / abdominal area from all the time spent rubbing against the wax on the board. Another thing to get is a Rash Card or Jersey (goodbye to your anterior if you dont). As far as its relation to other sports, Its not like snowboarding (which you want your weight centered in the front) or skateboarding. Start training some shoulders and back in the gym too. Being able to paddle faster to catch a wave is a huge help.
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