Pics from my trip to San Francisco. Sick place to visit, put it on your list. Warning large pics

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First off I must say that even though i've been guilty of partaking in the whole nyc > * and CA > * nonsense, that it's all just b.s. until you actually visit these cities to find out what their really about.
With that said San Francisco was a great place to visit.  I highly recommend visiting especially for nyc'ers because S.F. is eerily similar to nyc in alot of ways...people, places, metro-system.  It was like I was discovering a new borough.  The food was awesome, the scenery was dope and the weather was perfect...70 during the day and 55-60 during the nightime.

I did a lot of touristy things, didn't go to too many bars/clubs...something on my agenda for my next trip out there.  Was able to meetup with a grower out in Oakland that I knew from another board...hooked us up with some dispensary bud and some home-made cookies, along with a ritual smoke-session that had me zooted for a whole day. Definitely a great experience.

With that said I still believe that the girls out in nyc fare better in looks but personality wise the S.F. girls were better.  I'm also surprised with the amount of bums around union square and the tenderloin district.  I went around the 'loins at night and while it wasn't the best idea it gave me a better feel to the layout of the city.  BART was far easier to navigate than the local MTA...cleaner, more efficient in my eyes.  I wondered if putting my metrocard into the BART turnstiles would blow up the stations

Would have been dope to meet up with some local NT'ers out there but i'm sure i'll make my way back over there one day.

Ike's place, San Tung, Carls Jr.  (better version of wendy's), Farmer Browns, Chinatown eats (blew my mind when I found a dyson hand dryer in the bathroom at some no-name chinese restaurant), In-N-Out (food was mehhh), Katana Ramen

Architecture and houses out here were 
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Who's jelly? Me that's who. I've never been past Ohio. San Fran seems like very hilly place.

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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yea katanya... had to separate the pics and resize them because Yuku wasn't having it...I think only Ninja gets away with the big pics.

Like I stated I give S.F. two thumbs of approval...laid back and chill %+@ city.

Didn't get some things accomplished like visiting a couple lounges, ocean beach, sausolito, visiting oaksterdam, getting to the top of coit tower but enough reason to make me come back out there.
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Dope pics, glad you enjoyed yourself and got the touristy stuff done with. That's how we usually do it for places we like to go to more than once.

BART sucks though, really. It's only efficient in the sense of those of us who live outside of the City, it allows us another way to get in. However, it's real limited in the City.
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My dude hitup Broadway 

Financial District is really nice in the daytime too. Got me taking extra long lunch breaks.
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I hope you didn't visit any of those broadway strip joints..they suck. Next time if you do some around I'd come out ant chill with you
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