Pics of Insoles of Nike Air Jordan XX3 White/Red??? (PLZ HELP)

Joined Feb 28, 2003
i have just recently bought a pair of Nike Air Jordan XX3 White/Red on craigslist.  these shoes look and feel real.  but the insoles of these shoes are white.  usually jordans have a jumpman on its insoles, but the insoles of this shoe is completely white.  can someone help me out? haven't bought jordans in so long and couldnt pass up a deal on these.
Joined Feb 10, 2007
You should try legit check and Post Pics. but My insoles on the White/Red "New Love" is White aswell so no worries.
Joined Feb 28, 2003
oh im sure my shoes are legit, just wondering why the insoles are white thats all. these are amazing kicks! everythings great about the shoe, just runs a lil bigger than norm


formerly cement greyman
Joined Jul 10, 2005
The insoles on that colorway are white and there is no jumpman on the insoles of the XX3's.
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