Places to get drunk in St. Louis

Jul 7, 2004
Heading out to St. Louis with a bunch of friends for the weekend, just lookin' for a couple good places where to drink and enjoy friendly Midwestern girls. Neighborhood bars are preferred, but larger, more club-like bars can be tolerated once I've got enough Jack in me.

Suggestions, NT?
Feb 21, 2006
Stay away from neighborhood bars.... and essentially any neighborhood in general unless you're there with someone very familiar with their surroundings.

Somewhere in downtown, the Loop, or the Central West End are probably your best bets... actually they're your only safe bets if you're actually in thecity. If you're gonna be in the "county" then that's a different story and I have no idea.
Dec 9, 2001
Looks like im too late.............Only place you need to be is downtown on the landing. 5-6 different places to drink.....none too high.

Where did you end up going???

I go to big daddys and exes allot.......pretty laid back places to chill
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