Planet Fitness tells woman that her "toned body" was intimidating to other members...

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Planet Fitness has actively been trying to be known as the "non-ripped people gym" for a couple years now.

I mean, it's F'd up and all and they shouldn't be doing this and whatnot, but it's probably some kind of publicity stunt.

EDIT: after seeing the lady they're wilding. She's not even THAT toned.
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Yeah, Planet Fitness is garbage though.
Those people in there trippin'.
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I saw this article on yahoo yesterday and before I clicked on it, I assumed the chick had some 01 Melyssa Ford body or something that they were scared of. Not sure what Planet Fitness' gimmick is, but it seems pretty friviolous
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Absolutely nothing wrong with her outfit. Musta been some serious fatties at that PF location.
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Shouldn't she be motivation for fat@#$rd at the gym?
reported for name calling

isnt planet fitness whole marketing strategy is to target the "casual" workout person
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I don't think members were calling her out. I think the staff just made the decision to kick her out to inforce this stupid rule. Just like the alarm they have. If staff sees or hears something wrong, they hop on it.
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Planet Fitness is the gym for people who might think about working out every once in a while.  I mean, for $10/month I wouldn't be surprised if a decent % of their memberships are never even used, I can think of 6-8 people who I know have/had a membership and at least 3 of them for sure never went.  People who sign up just for the sake of having a gym membership or so they can go whenever they're feeling bad about their fitness and convince themselves that today's gonna be the day they start working out for real.

Where else can you have pizza at a ******* GYM and they tell you they'll make sure everyone else is fully covered so you don't feel bad about yourself and they won't make any noise so they won't cause you to realize you're not working that hard.

Nothing personal against everyone that goes there.  I'd signed up when I wasn't happy with my old gym and there definitely were some diehards I saw frequently.  Like 2% of the gym was dedicated to freeweights, there was 1 squat rack, etc and you constantly had to wait if there was more than one person who was there to do any type of lifting so I wasn't a fan, maybe it's a little different at other locations.  It's great for people who just want to do cardio for only $10/mo IMO.
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lol planet fitness is a joke

even tho kanevsky is annoying this video was hilarious 

"lift weights quietly" 

i think the dude working there genuinely didnt know what the bag of chalk was. probably thought it was a pound of coke or something. 

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What they really meant to say was "seeing an attractive black woman that doesn't look like Gabby Sidibe working out in the same fitness center as them was intimidating"
before the people come in bashing you for acknowledging it...... with a flood of "here we go" gifs...

i totally agree, brah.
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I see attractive women of all races at LA.. No one is intimidated. It's just planet fitness that place is a joke, they don't even have dumbbells over 65 because they don't want to attract those kinds of people apparently. They want it to be a gym full of out of shape folks or something.
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Yep...everyone's just jealous because she's an attractive (up for debate) black woman. 

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