Planet Fitness tells woman that her "toned body" was intimidating to other members...

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its no excuse for dudes to be grunting and throwing weights 

I usually have on my music so if I can hear you grunting you are to damn loud homie

and some times mostly mondays the gym is super packed the **** you throwing weights 

down as if it not somebody else working not that far from you 
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There's a certain indescribable adrenaline/energy rush you get from hearing you weights mightily crash to the ground, after you've just released an earth shattering bellow. letmenbemen :smokin

:lol: I was joking or am I :nerd: :rofl:
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gotta disagree. it really is as bad as everyone makes it out to be, sometimes worse. there are hundreds of stories like this out there and even more that arent in the news. its a good gimmick, but this place is a joke. ive read stories of certain pf's taking out smith machines and flat benches simply because of members felt "intimidated". thats just ridiculous
The one I go to has everything, so there's no issue for me.
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If you're slamming your weights down, you should have no business picking that much up in the first place. Can't stand dudes throwing weights which they clearly can't handle.
So people who slam weights can't handle it?

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Not a fan of Planet Fitness.

Currently go to LA Fitness but wish there was a 24 hour fitness near me.

Needa start going to a crossfit gym though.
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From my experience, yes.

inb4 videos of powerlifters and massive bodybuilders slamming weights for the Tube.
Well from my experience slamming weight is efficient for lifting big weights for reps. I lift with record holding powerlifters and they all agree that it's the best for developing one rep max strength. I take respect your opinion but it's obvious you never set foot in a serious gym.
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Still haven't ever set foot in a Planet Fitness, might do it this summer just to see how many times I can set off the alarm before getting kicked out.
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I have Planet Fitness an it's cool, mine's is really roomy, don't see what the hate for. I personally prefer this gym because it's less crowded and dirty than the other gyms around my area. I don't understand why she's being kicked out for being too toned. And it's not about her ethnicity because Richmond is a predominantly black city and that gym is filled with minorities. Maybe she was grunting or eye-balling out of shape(bigger) people the wrong way.
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Call me lame but seeing in shape people motivates me when I'm in the gym.

Real talk there are 3 broads that are always in the gym half naked. Bodies are banging but they always in that joint doing thirst trap exercises. I go to the gym off hours like 10-2 at night so I wonder if they strippers. Even if I was single I wouldn't get at them but like having them there. Something primal kicks in to finish those sets when them cakes are in your face.

I'm the same way...even if I'm feeling a lil lazy I think of seeing some cheeks and lace up lol...

Those cheeks can force those extra sets out of you.
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I go to PF. The one I go to seems to not follow the "rules". Seen a girl on a bike wearing jeans, boots, and a coat on one day.

But I've been to a PF in the Chicago suburbs that wouldn't let me in b/c I was wearing a tank top. 
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So is this a gym for people not in shape or not take working out seriously? Lol. I get the no dropping weights, but all the other rules? lol
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Can I just say people who slam their weights are doing it? And we can move on?
This is how I usually see it at my gym:

guy picks up 85+ dumbbells.

guy barely puts up 3 reps.

guy throws dumbbells recklessly.

guy picks up each dumbbell with 2 hands and racks them individually.

This is most certainly not "doing it".
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so what's the rationale behind gyms like LA Fitness having a ban on chalk?
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lol planet fitness is a joke

even tho kanevsky is annoying this video was hilarious 

"lift weights quietly" :rofl:

i think the dude working there genuinely didnt know what the bag of chalk was. probably thought it was a pound of coke or something. 

Most optimal video......I'm HISTORY
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