Planning to move to SOCAL in the next 1-2yrs

Joined Jul 23, 2012
So I've lived in VA/DC my whole life and I'm looking to make a major change in my surroundings and move across the country to CA. I just finished college and now is probably the perfect time to make the move before I get tied down to the area I'm in now. I'm looking to do this about a year from now so that I can save up and look for jobs etc, but I'm trying to find out what are the best areas to look for a place?

I was thinking about San Diego, but what other areas might be good to look into?
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If I were you, I'd move to LA. I made the move last March from New Jersey and I love it. Make sure you have enough money saved "for the rainy day" because THEY WILL COME SOONER OR LATER. Also, make sure you can attain employment QUICKLY. It took me a month to get a job and that was after spending hours a day five days a week and constant rejection before I landed at my job. Second, since you're uprooting yourself across the country, make sure you find a ROOMMATE situation. It is way cheaper and way more comfortable that way. Thirdly, if you are considering LA, also be weary of certain areas. Just because they look nice and homely doesn't mean they ARE. Third, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE while you're here. Don't get caught up in the party life because it is VERY EASY to do so.
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Stay out the ghettos. East LA, South LA, parts of West LA. Just like irepnaija said, some places look good but are still pretty ****. I live in the southeast area and its a nice looking area on the outside but its still ghetto. And just cuz youre in a nice area doesnt mean your safe. Ive had someone try to rob me half a block down from Nike LA (luckily my Glock 19 won over his lil blade) but if you walk down that residential street youll think its really nice with big houses and obviously ppl with money live there. So you aint safe nowhere. One thing ive learned after living here all my life is dont trust anyone and there aint no area thats safe. Believe me when I say that
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Come to L.A. if you want a great cultural expeirence, our job market kind of sucks but if you get a job over here awesome. yea some areas suck but you just make the best out of it especially for the income you will be making or how much you saved up, still get roommates
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Don't mean to hijack this thread. But can a socal pro tell me the pros and cons of each area?

1. Lake Forest

2. Cosa Mesa

3. Mission Viejo 

4. Tustan

I will be probably moving to one of the 4 areas trying to find a roommate situation for PT school starting in september and am trying to find the most favorable area of the 4. 
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