PLEASE, Anybody know what song this is from the T.O. show?

Joined Sep 8, 2006
NT, anyone know what song is being played during the first episode of T.O. show. The song starts at 35:45 when T.O. is carrying some flowers and ison his way to see his ex-fiance. You can skip ahead to that point.

The only lyric I can get is "Ohhhh la la la la la la I gotta testify" and I tried googling it but didn't get anything.

Here is the link to VH1 where the show is:

Please and thank you for any help.
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But anyway, his ex chick is so damn bad [/color]
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hmm.. i'm usually pretty good at tracking down songs but i actually tried really hard to find this and got nothing. idk

his girl is
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