Please do a Legit Check on my J's

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Originally Posted by giraffeishungry

99 metallic 5's look fake to me
Better provide a detailed reason why you think they're fake or else you're gonna get a strike from the mods.  3 strikes and you are banned.
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Yeah, you have a couple of fakes in there mate...

Black/red "last shot" XIVs -Fake
Suede on the toe-box is too smooth -it should be rougher
The red grill/air vent on the mid-sole should have a metallic shine to it

Black/metallic silver Vs -Fake
Toe-box is squared
The flames on the mid-sole overlap the ice part of the sole
Date doesn't touch barcode on production tag

Everything else is fine
Joined Mar 2, 2008
Thanks for the info.

The V's and XIV's were actually in the top few I thought to be fakes. The V's cause they weren't as comfortable as I remember in 1990 and the XIV's, not because of the way they looked (thought they looked right) but the box was almost to small for the shoes.

I have actually got another pair of blk V's and they are obvious fakes to as the 'Nike Air' was way out of alignment so didn't bother adding them to the list.

4 pairs of fakes out of roughly 16 to 17 pairs all up. Not good.

Oh well, take two (now to convince the wife as to why I have to buy them again)

Thanks again guys, would never have known otherwise
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