Please Pray for my Mom


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
Just found out this morning that my mom has breast cancer, she's going to find out where she stands with it tomorrow morning and starting the chemo/ radiation process. Thanks in advance.
Joined Jun 3, 2009
be strong for her, op! she needs her family's support now more than ever.
I'll most definitely keep her in my prayers.
Joined Apr 8, 2008
prayers sent son.. things will get better..
my mother has been battling liver cerosis for a few years.. she's gotten alot***** better. keep your head up
Joined Mar 26, 2009
I'll pray for her OP.

On a side not my own mother just got done with all her chemo and surgeries for her breast cancer, she still has to take various medicines for the next few years but she's going to be alright. I hope your mother get's through it as well OP.
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