Please put me on Royce Da 5'9'

Jul 18, 2007
Every verse I've ever heard from this guy has been
. I haven'theard that much from him, never really got around to giving him a chance, but when I heard his verse over Brooklyn Go Hard, his new Slaughter song, I decided Ineed to listen to more of him.

So NT, which albums/mixtapes of his should I check out first?
I just started bumpin royce heavy I was sleepin for a long time but go check out bar exam 2....dude is nice
Bar Exam 1
Bar Exam 2
Bar Exam 2 (The Cuts)
The Album
The Revival

Royce has always been raw but I think he really perfected his style circa Bar Exam 1 so look for tracks that released around then.
Get Death is Certain. One of my favorite rap albums of all time. He's also got a lot of classic tracks scattered on all his other albums...

It's Tuesday
Lets Go
Keep On Pushin'
Lookin' At My Dog
Part of Me
Shake This
Hip Hop

...I could go on forever.

Also, check out The Bar Exam (Classic) and The Bar Exam 2.
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