Pop-up Art Show for Sneakerheads in Indy/Bloomington area callout!

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by jamrbroo, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. jamrbroo


    Sep 28, 2016
    Hi all,

    Long time lurker, etc.  A friend of mine has an art gallery in Bloomington, IN and I pitched an idea of displaying sneakers that have had an impact on me throughout the years.  It doesn't necessarily have to be PEs or the most expensive Jordans, just sneakers that bring back certain memories of playing on the black top with friends or watching Jordan and Barkley go at it in the 90s (and for younger folks, shoes from the 2000s that elicit the same feelings).  For example, I can still remember the day I brought home my Nike Air Raids.  That unique smell that you couldn't get enough of (probably not good for us), strapping them on for the first time before heading out to the blacktop to see how tough they really were.  Or picking up my Nike Air Flight Huarache's in '92 and getting home to realize that some stitching was lose on them.  The shoe store wouldn't take them back, but luckily a local leather repair shop fixed me right up for minimal cost and I was back in business.  And I wouldn't have had it any other way, I loved those shoes and the "defect" that was fixed made them even more special to me.  These are the things we are trying to evoke and tap into while showing the local community a different side of art.  I am bringing several items from my personal collection and would love to display items from your collection that immediately bring back that flood of memories.  It doesn't have to just be Nike/Jordan shoes either, maybe the Shaq Attaq or Larry Johnson's Converse React.  The shoes will be protected from being picked up if needed and I'm sure many amazing memories and stories will be brought up as we all meet and share.  I consider myself a sneakerhead, but I am certain I don't have as much knowledge as a majority of you all and I'd love to learn and hear about the history of your collections and what they mean to you.  I'm fortunate enough to have grown up during what I consider the heyday of sneaker culture with Barkley squaring off against Godzilla and lusting after all the different shoes my classmates were rocking in junior and high school and I'm eager to show that to the community.  We are also reaching out to the Indiana Hoosier basketball team to see if any of those players would be willing to show a shoe from their collection.  I know those guys rock some amazing shoes!

    Sorry for the ramble, I feel that this could be a truly great event with an afterparty where we can discuss things even further!  If you are interested, either drop me a PM or let's continue the discussion in this thread. We are targeting the 3rd Friday in January for this event.

    Thanks all!