popped 360

Aug 17, 2007
so my 360s popped ( left shoe only) :frown:

but, since i am really light, i actually find them more comfortable. i was thinking of popping the other air bag too and keep on using them. would this be a bad idea?
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call nike and do the whole process for getting a voucher. then buy yourself another pair.
I did that to my air veer's a while back. Dont pop the bubble you wiil regret it, if you can get a new pair then send them boys back asap. IMO they should not have popped, were you playing on a bunch of nails or something ?? LOL

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I understand where you are coming from, but if you had read what was written before what you quoted you would understand the fact that i find them more comfortable deflated because i am so light. Because in many previous air shoes the cushioning was mainly the air structure and not the gas, I was wondering wether the same was with the 360, because deflated i can only feel a small difference. I do not think i could get a voucher because i stepped on a thorn and the shoes are in pretty bad condition. If you have anything useful or relevant to say, please do
would i have to go to niketown or just a footlocker? and do you need anything ( receipt, box, whatever) ?
and thanks for actually saying something intelligent....
you have to contact nike directly. theres an 800 number that you call to get a claim number. then you send them in. nike gives you instructions on how to do this. i just cant find the number lol.

oh make sure the shoes are less than 2 years old too. if they are older than that, nike will not give you a voucher.
well, it wasn't intelligent because in your opinion there's a performance benefit only when the bag is inflated, which was how it was supposed to be.
and i'll get a voucher, ok? :lol:
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they will give you a voucher for 160 and you can use it on whatever, i think you just have to buy it from the nike website store.
that is interesting. I had a popped team shoe with 3/4 max once. the cushioning still felt the same as the unpopped shoe. but the stability was WAY off.

still makes me wonder how much all that air contributes to the cushioning.
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iv'e hadn the (all to common) deflated air in the lbj 2's and a popped bag in the 360's and a puntured unit in a pair of uptempo sensations.

i could definitely feel the difference in all of them. the stability was also a big factor, tho in all of them, especially the 360.

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