PORTLAND HEADS, If You Didn't Go to the Stones Throw Show...

Joined Aug 13, 2000
this past friday night, the crowd was instructed by wildchild to say to anyone who wasn;t there: you @#%$ uuuuuuuuup.

he did say that, but it was one of the best live shows, and i've been to many of em in my backpack hip-hop-loving days. madlib had to cancel because his grandmother died, so that was the sucky part of the show. other than that, wolf, jrocc, wildchild, MED, and percee p killed it. got some of my rare vinyl signed as well, and that was more than enough to make the show enjoyable.

seattle heads, i hope your show will be alright. you all were supposed to have madlib AND oh no. they cancelled.

BC heads, post if the show was any good. they're out there tonight.
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