Portland Oregon Store Info

Nov 24, 2001
I'll be on a business trip to Portland next month and will probably head out to Niketown Portland and a Factory Store located on 2650 ML King Blvd.Unfortunately, I won't have time to check out the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton. Do you guys have any info on the above 2 locations? I.E., do they havegood stuff/sales? Is it worth my time (I'm only there 2 nights) to check these places out? Some info would be much appreciated!!!
If you're talking about getting some steals then the MLK would be your shot but thats only occasional that they have decent stuff for cheap. As for theniketown, most of thier stuff is almost always full price.
JustBe downtown in the pearl is the place to go. MLK has some good stuff once in a while for cheap. Niketown is like any other Niketown. JustBe is gettingpacked full of good stuff though. Look it up.
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