Post 2 Pics of any celebs that you supposedly look like

Joined Jun 1, 2011
You know the drill, how somebody is like "Oh you look like so & so" and all that. I'm pretty big on not
posting my real pics anywhere, so I thought this would just be interesting.

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I'm basically any random black celeb with braids, but these 2 are the most frequent ones I get. I'm embarrassed to say the 3rd.
Joined Aug 2, 2011
My aunt called me the broke down chris brown at a bbq. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hurt. Don't look like him but why I have to be the broke down version?
Joined Jan 7, 2006
I get Brody from the hills at least twice a week. I don't see it but apparently there's something there or people wouldn't keep telling me while I'm at work
Joined Mar 21, 2008
ive got evidence from dilated peoples a few times

you be the judge
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