Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER CLOTHING (pics)...............

Joined Feb 20, 2005
If they charging an extra $15 in the store, it adds up to being bought on the site since you gotta pay for shipping also. I definitely need to pick up thegraphite wallet, belt, and chucks! Still contemplating if I should get the high or lows...Does anyone know if jeans would drag on the lows?
Joined Nov 29, 2005
Depends on the jeans.

Slimmer fitting jeans don't drag. (Pretty much anything with a smaller leg opening, you're good)

ex. Dior 19cm, APC NS dont drag I think, since they have a small leg opening.

Found out its 4% increase in canada @ LV come the 19th...
Joined Jun 24, 2008
these reg lv increases are no good... but i guess as long as things keep flying off the shelf prices will continue to rise..
Joined Sep 7, 2006
Well I checked out the graphite damier today,It's too dark for my taste.

I copped a LV Coin Purse

I also copped another pair of RRL's,a polo cardigan,and a white polo hoody.

Also a polo belt.

Dude the RRL's fit so nice.
Joined Feb 20, 2005
Houstonsnk...mind if you take a pics of the highs on with some denim please? Thanks in advance...still contemplating on whether to get the hi or lows..veryhard decision! haha
Joined Apr 1, 2008
^^^as of right now the only denim I have are those. And they need to be alter. But ill try and under cuff them for now. Check back later tonite.
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