Post pics of shoes you think NO ONE else has [pics]

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I forget what the official color is, it might be "forest green" or "olive green" but not burnt olive. 1991.
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Originally Posted by memberthttime92

I think i might be the only one who would admit to buying these....
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Team Logic

A flaw in the logic? As long as it's nobody that's in my clique...

It's called qualifying your statement, try it sometime.

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Mr.Doug - You will be forever missed and in my heart.
its okay, i have the red/off white ones
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Those "Ewings" posted by Dollabill1 back there are FIRE!!!

^^Dude, I think half of NT has those PL 1s! (myself included!

^^& Eazy, sorry bro, but I've actually got 2 pairs of those St,Paulis! ......(but actually, I quite like seeing other dudes with the same kix as me!)
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I laugh when I see people post 10 pairs of the latest general releases.

I have never seen these in my life. Not until the same day I saw them for the first time, I purchased them. Never have seen anyone else post a pic of any kind.

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yeah the atc IVs are holding up. the suede is starting to crack along the toe. i think thats why no one wants to buy them from me.
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