post teams who should have accomplished more then what they did

Jan 6, 2007
A few examples come to mind of teams who did something significant but had the potential to do much more then what they were able to accomplish.

1. Mid 80's Chicago Bears- The 85 team is viewed as one of the best teams of all time, if i'm not mistaken they had the 1 seed in the NFC the next 3seasons yet they only won one playoff game those next 3 seasons. I know injuries played a role and Buddy Ryan leaving probably hurt them but those teams wereso talented they should have made at least one more deep run

2. Mid 80's New York Mets- Most likely the drug issues were the main cause for them not winning another world series but I know they made a few tradesafter winning it all in 1986. Same thing as the Bears though, they had so much talent on that team and they were so deep how they only made it to the playoffsone more time after that gets to me. They had the talent and the players to win at least another world series yet some of them snorted it away.

3. The 3 peat Laker teams from earlier this decade. Had egos been put aside and they focused on dominating the league like they were capable of doing theywould have won 1 or 2 more championships before the team got old with the group of players they had, and at the very least would have beat Detroit in 2004 ifegos were pushed to the side.

4. Dallas Cowboys of the 1990's. Kinda similar situation with the egos. Had Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones been able to get along they possibly 3 peat(thank god that didnt't happen) and they would probably stay relevant for longer then they did considering most of that team couldn't stand BarrySwitzer.

5. Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks of this decade. How neither of those teams won a championship during the main years their window of oppurtunity was openbeats the hell out of me.

Post other teams you can think of that should have done more then what they did.
san jose sharks....
the 2001 Mariners. 116 wins, set a ton of records, and didn't get to the World Series. ridiculous.
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san jose sharks....

its a shame how all these years throughout this decade and they haven't came out the west. i thought 2004 was their year after they came back from down0-2 against calgary and regained home ice and the momentum but they failed, and i thought this might be their year and they failed. if they don't at leastmake it to one stanley cup before they start declining thats going to have to hurt real bad.
i forgot to mention atlanta 14 straight nl east titles and 1 world series to show for it smh at them

other teams i thought of 2001-2004 eagles 4 straight trips to the nfc championship game and no super bowl wins

2002-2008 colts with the talent they have/had they should have won more then 1 super bowl. those playoff choke jobs really did them in.

the chargers are letting their window of oppurtunity slam shut on them as well.
The 2004-2005 Pacers had the makings of a championship level team before the fight. PG play was a bit of a concern, but otherwise they had everything covered.Interior defense, perimeter defense, athleticism, rebounding, shooting, etc.
86 Mets were the first to come to mind, that was a team that could have easily won 3 chips. they should have never lost in 88 either.
post 03 Lakers- Had they been thinkin straight, they could've had 3 or 4 rings by now.
post 05 Ohio State sports- dudes could have won at least 1 championship game out of the 3 or 4 they competed in.
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The 2004-2005 Pacers had the makings of a championship level team before the fight. PG play was a bit of a concern, but otherwise they had everything covered. Interior defense, perimeter defense, athleticism, rebounding, shooting, etc.

the yr before the pistons/pacers brawl, reggie getting blocked by tayshaun from behind. didnt ron ron get thrown out in gm7?

sac kings- cwebb and that gang was so talented and deep, too bad it was during the shaq/kobe era. horry with the 3
detroit pistons- 6 ecf, and only one chip. if rasheed didnt leave horry (
) open for that 3 they wouldnt been back to back and who knows how many more they could have won
portland jailblazers- teams were a bunch of knucklheads, but very talented. blowing that big lead v. lakers, and that franchise has never been the same

atl braves in the 90s- only one chip, but they do have all those divisional titles

sf giants- bonds steroid era. they surrounded him with bats, had solid pitching, and nen closing, damn rally monkey

oak a's- big 3 zito, mulder, hudson. if only jeremy giambi slid. how a's go into ny and win the first 2 and still lose
Braves of the 1990s and early 2000s- Best team in the National League. 14 straight NL East division titles. Braves were good enough for at least two more WSchampionships that whole time period.
The Lakers before Phil got there with Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Shaq, Rick Fox , Robert Horry and Kobe coming off the bench.
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