Post things you'll NEVER eat again Vol.. WTH was that

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I'll usually try everything a few times to get a taste for it, but I had mussels once and don't think I could ever eat it again.


formerly airodney23
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Any food from Denny's.

Ended up throwing up out of my nose last time I had it.
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Originally Posted by Mangudai954

Soy Chicken
 the one i had was called CHIK'N.  it looked like chicken fingers and tasted like garbage fingers.

...and these things i had once at a friend's house...

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someone tricked me into eating Bitter Melon, never trying that crap ever again. How can some people enjoy eating that crap?
Joined Jan 30, 2008
Mexican Papaya - anyone ever had that?

Smells like gym socks, literally.

Of course the stinky papaya had to be the Mexican one.
What a shame too cause it looks really vibrant and juicy when you slice it up.

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Originally Posted by AiRodney23

Any food from Denny's.

Ended up throwing up out of my nose last time I had it.
Hot dog chili, cool ranch dorito's, unshelled sunflower seed, etc....Idk I have this thing where if I eat something then throw it up then I never eat it again

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