Post Your best Similes without using "like" or "as" Vol. New rap flow?

Joined Jan 3, 2010
idk if this going to work, but you know those lines that lil wayne be saying and a lot of other rappers use for example, find me swimming in the money.......nemo
this is mine, just made it up for fun 

and you going to get banned........HENZO

and no ones believes you............DUCKTALES 
Joined Oct 8, 2005
ya boy gush the pus in boots
and make her neck roll/
her fortune cookie's on the beef,
i'ma grab ya chick's donkey
and won't let go/
she ack a for that green
no shrek, tho/
got her screaming loud enough
to make an echo/
plus the kid's flow is ******ed,
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